Image of the book cover for the 2020 City of Fremantle Hungerford Award winning novel 'Skimming Stones' by Maria Papas
Award-winning ‘Skimming Stones’ by Maria Papas. Cover design: Nada Backovic

Award winning Skimming Stones is a novel about love, hope and power of human connection.

Set in a paediatric oncology ward and at Lake Clifton in Western Australia, Skimming Stones follows a nurse named Grace, who on the one hand cares for and guides her young patients, but on the other must navigate her own past as a child who once bore witness to her sister’s leukaemia.

Join Grace throughout an affair gone wrong, a hospital emergency that threatens to break her heart and a much needed journey back to the only place that can teach her what it really means to speak the language of love, illnesses and siblings who watch from the sidelines.

Image of Maria Papas, author of Hungerford Award winning novel Skimming Stones

Maria Papas

writes, teaches and tells stories. Her debut novel Skimming Stones won the City of Fremantle Hungerford Award.

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In addition to novels and short stories, Maria also writes non-fiction. Her writing process often involves holding a question in mind, and then exploring this question imaginatively and reflectively. This means some of the themes explored in her novel writing are also explored in memoir and in personal and academic essays. Feel free to read a selection of this work below.

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