Where do the ideas for my writing come from?

When I write, I let my imagination travel but the underlying themes always remain close to home. With Skimming Stones, I wanted to create something heartfelt, honest and courageous. Most of all, I wanted to explore the language of trauma, how we care for others and the impact such experiences have on our lives. Why, for example, amid difficult times does everything feel so fragmented and discontinuous? How do we cope when there is no certainty or stability? And what happens after? Do we ever really assimilate our traumas, or do some things continue to haunt us, long after the fact?

Before (and while) I wrote Skimming Stones, I explored many of these same ideas in memoir, personal essay and academic writing. You’re more than welcome to read this non-fiction below.

On narratives of illness and trauma

Text Journal 24 (1) 2020

I too just wanted you to know

The letters page 1 2016

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